Simple Steps to make same-day Slideshow of Wedding

Photographs and photography are linked between them. We show our photos one by one but when we show our photos by slideshow then its look like that we see some video of photos. Amazing photos are capture by amazing photographer whose take photos by different styles.

Photographers take photos from different occasion like wedding, photo shoot, and some other purposes.

Here some steps to creating a same-day slideshow for wedding Photo Editing photographers:-

1st step

Take the right picture

You have to take right picture which is said something. Wrong picture is never making sense of the taking picture so you can take right picture from your style. Everyone look their self secretly and photographers take their secret by capturing photos which is reflecting that what actually you are.

2nd step

Copy memory card pictures

Security of your taking picture is more important so you have to copy your memory card in your other device like pen drive, PC, laptop etc. so your pictures are going to be safe side.

3rd step

Edit your picture quickly

You have to edit your picture quickly that you can know about and observed about your own creation quickly without wastage of time. Editing part is not an easy because its need editing which is suitable with your images.


4th step

Add your logo

The best part of editing is you have to add your logo on your taking picture that your identity of your creation. You can make your logo by your own self with some suggestion or you can take services of making logo.

5th step

Display with your business card

Last, but not the list that you have to display your photography with your business card so people can know about your detail and they can easily contact with you for taking photography services.

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